Tasty Mistakes

Better late than never with this post!

For Easter, I decided to try my hand at a Mini Egg layer cake. It looked simple enough, so I was not prepared for it to not turn out.

The cakes turned out fine, which was a good start. I have never used buttercream before, so that was probably not the best time to first try my hand at it. Even after help from my aunt in icing the cake, it still didn’t work out.

The cake was leaning and I didn’t have any wooden dowels to help support it, so my family members suggested chopsticks. Since they were taller than the cake, it made it look like the cake had antlers. The buttercream didn’t go on as smoothly as it should have and kept falling down the cake. This made it difficult to keep the Mini Eggs on the outside of the cake.

In the end, the cake did not look at all like it was supposed to. But it made for a good laugh with the family and it tasted much better than it looked!

At first I wasn’t going to post about this dessert because it didn’t turn out. But no one is perfect and mistakes happen. That’s how you learn and it helps you for the next time. Also, credits go out to my cousin for the title of this post and the lovely photo showing what the cake was supposed to look like and what it ended up looking like!


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