Catching Up

I’m a third of the way through the first semester of this Baking program and it has been amazing so far. The amount that I have learned already is incredible and being able to have fun while doing so is the best part.

We’ve been mostly baking breads so far, but it just means that my house is always supplied with fresh bread! Bringing home what I make three times a week is definitely a treat. Surprisingly, I don’t get tired of baking with all that I do at school.

This past weekend I made cookies for my old school’s homecoming. While I’m not a sports fan at all, making the cookies was really fun. I was able to find a cookie cutter set that included football themed shapes, so I used those. I ended up making too many cookies than necessary, but you can never have too much! I was actually very happy with the way they turned out. And seeing my friends enjoy them was definitely a big plus!

With Thanksgiving coming up, I have to decide what I’m going to make, but I know that my family will be happy with whatever it is. Hopefully I’ll remember to update this blog more often with the stuff that I’m making in school!



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