My First Semester Finished!

Between school and the holidays, I realize that I have barely posted anything about my baking at school and at home. I figured I would try and make a condensed post with how my first semester went!

The first half of my first semester was learning to make a bunch of different breads. While it got a little bit tedious after a while, it was actually really interesting, and not to mention, delicious! Learning to make all the different types was great, and is definitely something I would like to continue making in the future.

The second half of the semester was filled with cookies and pastries. I got to make a lot of different cookies, tarts, pies, puff pastries, and even quiche! While the cookies were not as challenging to make as the rest of the stuff, it was fun to learn new recipes. Tarts, pies and quiche were interesting because of all the different fillings and methods to doing it. Puff pastries were probably my favourite, but most difficult to master. We got to make turnovers, strudel, palmiers, and even cheese sticks. Definitely time consuming, but a great skill.

Even after baking for a semester, I still had the energy to make a whole bunch of desserts for Christmas. I made a pecan pie, a chestnut roll cake, cream puffs, ginger molasses cookies, and thimble cookies.

My first semester was incredibly busy, but an amazing experience! This second semester should be just as good. I will try my best to keep this blog as updated as possible!









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