Miracle Cookies

I realize that I haven’t posted anything in awhile, and I’ve been meaning too, but it was one of those things that just kept getting pushed back because more important things came along. Anyways, with school over and work starting up for the summer, my family had started mentioning to me that they missed having desserts and sweets in the house. There was always something to fill that desire for something sweet during the school year because I would bring home whatever I made in my labs.

Last night my sister asked me, “what can you make with what we have in the apartment?” I took this as a challenge even though she said it somewhat jokingly. In my spare time I browse Pinterest for hours looking at recipes and seeing what kinds of things are out there. I went straight to my pins and found the perfect recipe: chocolate espresso brownie cookies! This recipe called for pretty simple ingredients, like butter, chocolate, and baking powder. Being a baking student you would think that I had these in supply at all times. However, these three items proved to be somewhat of a challenge. 

I opened my fridge and all my cupboards and managed to scrounge up enough chocolate for the recipe. Surprisingly, there was no butter anywhere. What I did find though was a cup full of Tim Hortons individual butter packets. It was times like these that I was happy that my mom literally keeps everything. As for the baking powder, I also didn’t have any of this in supply. Luckily I was able to Google a substitute by using baking soda and cream of tartar. To say that I was iffy about whether these cookies were going to turn out or not is an understatement.

To my surprise, they actually turned out really well and were delicious! They tasted like brownies, but weren’t as rich. Definitely a recipe that I will keep for the future, and hopefully make when I actually have all the required ingredients! 


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