Whatever the Future May Hold

I realize that I have been really bad about keeping this blog updated, but I should have some more time on my hands these days and will try my best to keep posting!

With the month of October nearing the end, it is crazy for me to think that I am already finished my classes for the semester. I am currently on my intersession week to have some relaxation time before I start my externship. For the next 7 weeks I get to focus on learning baking skills first hand in an actual kitchen. I will be working at Luma, which is an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant. The place is really nice and their staff is very friendly. It is only 3 days a week, so it will be an intense few days every week and then a few days of relaxing. I’m really looking forward to actually working with a pastry chef in the kitchen and seeing the operations of everything. I think that it’s going to be a really good experience.

Lately I’ve also been thinking about how my program is almost over. After these 7 weeks of an externship, I only have 4 months of school left and then that is it. Time to head into the real world. Am I ready to be an adult and be out in the workforce? Not at all. But it is all part of life and will definitely be an experience. Best case scenario would be to get a job with my placement after I am done and have somewhere to go to right when I’m done my program. If not, hopefully it won’t be too difficult to find a job in the area.

These past 7 weeks of classes I’ve found extremely helpful for what I hope to do in the future. We had a cafe production lab where we learned to make soups, sandwiches, salads and preserves, on top of the baking aspect. I think that it has definitely helped me determine what I want to do after school is done. I have always thought that my long term plan would be to open up my own place, and that’s still my plan. But now I have a sense of what I want it to be like. Yes, a nice bakery is something that everyone likes, but I believe that it is important to incorporate the cafe aspect as well. To be able to serve fresh baked goods, but also homemade food for sit down eating or taking out would definitely give me an edge over some other places. Plus, I have come to realize that I enjoy the cooking part of it too. While I could never do a culinary program, I think that this cafe production lab has given me enough guidance to know what to do for simple items.

It is crazy to think that at the age of 22 I will be done school and in the workforce. While this time is still far away, it is something that I’m stressing out about constantly (just ask my family)! I like to have a plan and know what’s going to happen. Uncertainty drives me crazy, but for now I will try and focus on these next 7 weeks at my externship and deal with my future at a later date.

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