End of Summer

As cliché as it is to say, this summer has flown by! I feel like I just moved to Waterloo and started my new job a few weeks ago, but it’s been 3 months. This summer has been busy and somewhat stressful, but a great experience so far.

This also happens to be the first time I won’t be returning to school in September. It feels weird to not be going back, but also feels good to be done. Living so close to two universities, this past week has been crazy busy everywhere! So many students moving out of and into apartments. So many people sad that summer is over and school is starting soon.

For me, it’s hard to say what I’m feeling. Yes the summer is over, but my routine isn’t changing as I’m not going back to school. I still feel that touch of sadness that the warm weather will soon come to an end, but I’m also hoping that this year brings big things.

It’s been hard to go straight into being a “real adult”. No more school, I moved away from home and I started a new job. As hard as it all was, it’s been great. I learned how to live on my own and not hate it, which everyone was surprised at, including myself. I recently got my first car, which has been great. It definitely makes visiting home a lot easier.

I’ve been working really hard at trying to find a way to get my baking business out there. I think that once I do a couple more small orders for people, then I’ll have more to show on my website and more people will see it or hear about it. I’m still unsure as to whether I want to specialize and just do certain products, or kind of leave it open for now and see what happens. There are tons of little kinks that I still need to work out, but I’m optimistic about what will happen in the future!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and that whether you’re going back to school, starting a new job, or whatever else, that you enjoy yourself!

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