Starting Young

Today I had the opportunity to visit a kindergarten class and talk to them about baking. One of the owner’s at the café I work at asked me to come and speak to her son’s class. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but it was actually so much fun. I went in and talked to the class about going to school for baking and what types of things I bake at work. I also brought ingredients to make a simple chocolate chip cookie dough batter which they all got to help me with! While we were mixing up the batter, they asked me tons of questions about what kinds of things I bake and what my favourite things are (definitely cookies).

I also brought some mini sticky buns for them to all eat afterwards. After that, they got to try on my chef jacket and some chef hats. They loved it and had their teacher take pictures of them. It was honestly such a great experience to see these young kids so interested in baking and actually enjoying talking about it and helping out. I wish that when I was that age, I loved it as much as I do now.

I have memories of baking when I was younger and I think that is the best time to start baking with kids. They don’t mind getting messy and using their hands, plus you get to eat what you make, which is the best part in my opinion! Starting to bake when you’re young is definitely the way to go.

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